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-- from RobynAnderson  

I love telling other people about the amazing photos I find on Flickr.  It’s also great fun to use photos as Super Emoticons, like when I use RobynAnderson’s laughing cat photo, shown here to the left, to express laughter. However, it got real tiresome building the HTML snippets to put properly credited images into my comments and thread postings.  So until Flickr’s wonderful staff gets around to making something better, I made this tool.

Note: this tool only works for public images!


Internet Explorer that are running Windows XP Home & Pro should click here now.

  • Internet Explorer users (Windows 2000 & earlier): Add the photo comment bookmarklet to your browser favorites. Click this link to to add the bookmarklet.*
  • Other Browser users: Drag this bookmark to your bookmark toolbar: EmoRate Photo Comment Tool.
  • Go to the page that has the photo that you like. It must be a photo page and not a group or a set page.
  • Click on the bookmarklet and follow the instructions

Important!: If you use a toolbar that blocks popups, or another popup blocker, make sure you allow our popup to come through!  For example, both the Yahoo! and Google toolbars block popups.

Note: Windows XP users who are having problems with their popup blocker should consult view Microsoft’s Window XP popup blocker page. Try adding both and to the list of “Address of Web site To Allow” list.

Don’t forget to try out EmoRate: The Flickr Photo Search & Review site.

*Inspiration for the bookmarklet came from the talented Nicolas Hoizey, and his FlickRate photo review service Tools page. 

Questions? Visit the EmoRate Group on Flickr

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